Conference Tutorial

Integrated Analytics Workshop
Presented by Prof Fanie Terblanche

Traditionally, the application of analytics involved two separate toolsets – one for statistical and predictive modelling, and the other for solving optimisation problems. The use of algebraic modelling languages is making it more attainable, however, to provide an integrated environment for doing both. The ease with which optimisation problems can be formulated using algebraic modelling systems has changed the pace at which the industry can develop end-to-end analytics solutions.

In this workshop, delegates will be introduced to three alternative algebraic modelling systems, and practical examples will be used to demonstrate the different features of each. A step by step tutorial will be provided to allow delegates to implement an optimisation formulation using one of these algebraic modelling systems. The only computer requirement to participate in this tutorial is a web browser (preferably Google Chrome).

Full programme

The full conference programme will available for download in due course. 

More information about the tutorial will be available soon!