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Member Benefits

Student endorsement

ORSSA offers complimentary memberships for students passionate about Operations Research. Full members in good standing are encouraged to nominate students enrolled in relevant degree programmes at recognised tertiary institutions. Students aspiring to be nominated should encourage their lecturers or supervisors to become full members of ORSSA, as this is essential to access this unique opportunity. Valid proof of registration is necessary for student eligibility, and the endorsement of a full ORSSA member is a key factor in the approval process, subject to the discretion of the Head of Member Relationships.

This initiative allows ORSSA members to invest in the future of our field by mentoring promising talents. Endorsed students gain access to a wealth of resources, including workshops and seminars, enhancing their academic and professional journey. While endorsement incurs no cost to the nominator, it plays a significant role in the development of future operations research professionals. Complete the form below to lodge an endorsement.

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