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The Tom Rozwadowski medal is the Society's premier award and has been presented on an almost annual basis since 1971. The medal is awarded for the best written contribution to Operations Research made by a member of the Society during the previous year. The Nomination Committee invites submissions for consideration for this award. The following rules apply for the award:

  1. Papers published in ORiON during the previous calendar year are automatically nominated unless excluded by any other rule.

  2. Contributions of an OR nature published in peer reviewed journals of international standing during the previous calendar year are eligible for consideration. Contributions in published conference proceedings, whether peer reviewed or not, are not eligible.

  3. Confidential or secret material will not be accepted for consideration.

  4. Only persons who were members of the Society, or who had already applied to become members of the Society, when the contribution was made, are eligible for the award. For the purposes of this clause, the publication date of the journal with the paper in it will be taken as the date of the contribution.

  5. Contributions will be screened by a Nomination Committee, chaired by the vice president and adjudicated by a Selection Committee, consisting of the president, the vice president and two members of the executive committee, which will only consider the material submitted by the Nomination Committee. To allow for preparation of the medal(s) which will be presented at the annual conference, the final decision is required two months before the conference. A month will be allowed for the initial screening and a further month for the final adjudication, which means that entries will close four months before the date of the annual conference. In a typical year where the conference takes place in mid-September, this will mean that nominations will close mid-May.

  6. Any member may submit a contribution for consideration or draw it to the attention of the Nomination Committee, whether they are the author or not.

  7. The Nomination Committee shall submit at least two contributions to the Selection Committee.

  8. The Selection Committee may appoint expert referees for any of the contributions under consideration.

  9. Should a member of either Committee be under consideration for the award, they shall recuse themself, and a new replacement member shall be co-opted to the relevant Committee by the members of that committee.

  10. Where the winning material was produced by co-authors, every co-author who meets the membership criterion in clause 4 above shall receive a medal.

  11. One or more of the following criteria may be used as a basis for making the award:

    1. Originality;

    2. Clarity of exposition;

    3. New opportunities created for Operations Research;

    4. New areas of application;

    5. Interaction between theory & practice; and

    6. The quality of any theory developed.

  12. Contributions should be in English.

  13. Members are encouraged to participate and in particular, are requested to ensure that all worthy material is brought to the attention of the Nomination Committee.

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