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Liaison with other Bodies

ORSSA is one of approximately 50 members of the International Federation of Operations Research Societies (IFORS), and since 1993 an associate member of the Association of European Operational Research Societies (EURO). IFORS conferences are held every third year, and those of the regional groupings at more frequent intervals. Since 2019, ORSSA is also a member of the African Federation of Operations Research Societies (AFROS). ORSSA members have participated in many of these activities, sometimes also being involved in arranging them. 

There is a considerable amount of overlap between OR and other subjects. Where it is considered to be in the interest of its members, ORSSA maintains links with other scientific and umbrella bodies. For example, the Society has close ties with the South African Statistical Association (SASA) and joint conferences between the Society and SASA have been organised on several occasions. The Society also collaborates with the South African System Dynamics Chapter (SASDC).

Joint conferences have also occasionally been hosted in conjunction with organisations such as

To date three joint SACAC/ORSSA symposia on simulation have also been held.

The South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP) is the statutory body responsible for the registration of persons in the natural scientific professions and for promoting the interests of the natural scientific professions. ORSSA is one of its member societies, resorting under the Professional Advisory Committee for the Mathematical Sciences. One of the members of the ORSSA Executive Committee serves on this committee. In this way ORSSA looks after the interests of registered Operations Research practitioners.

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