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ORiON is the official scholarly journal of ORSSA and has been published biannually since 1985. The journal enjoys accreditation by the national Department of Education and hence qualifies for government subsidies to authors employed by academic institutions. An interesting mixture between theoretical and applied work is published in ORiON, which welcomes contributions in the following four broad categories:

  • new OR-related theory or methodologies,

  • success stories in OR,

  • OR case studies, and

  • OR methodological reviews.


Members of the Society automatically receive paper copies of this journal. More information on this publication (such as access to abstracts and full papers, instructions to prospective authors, or information on how to subscribe to the journal) may be obtained on the ORiON page.


The Society also publishes a quarterly Newsletter. Apart from snippets of OR-related news, general OR articles and advertisements which are of interest to members, notices of forthcoming activities and reports on recent conferences are contained in the Newsletter. News items from the EC meetings and OR umbrella-organisations, such as IFORS and EURO (see the link Liason with other Bodies above), may also be found in the Newsletter. Receiving paper copies of the Newsletter is also a benefit of members of the Society.


More information on this publication (such as information on how to contribute or to subscribe, or electronic access to past copies of the Newsletter) may be obtained on the Newsletter page. 

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