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Awards outside of ORSSA

The Society encourages its members to enter the competitions for the following two international, OR-related awards:

The IFORS Prize for OR in Development

This prize is awarded at the close of each IFORS Triennial Conference for the best paper on a topic in which Operations Research is harnessed for development, and currently carries with it a grand prize of US $4000 and a runner-up prize of US $2000 as well as publication of the winning papers in the scholarly journal International Transactions in Operational Research. The following criteria apply:

  • The paper should describe a practical OR application in a developing country, conducted to assist a specific organization in its decision-making process, with original features in methodology or implementation.

  • If selected to be among the finalists, the entry should be presented by one of the principal authors during the IFORS Triennial Conference.

  • The paper should include some description of the application's social context and its impact on the decision-making process or on the organization for which it was conducted. Where appropriate, the relevance of the country's state of development to the study should be addressed. A stress on developmental issues is an important factor in the judging. Papers of a purely technical nature, or those which have no relevance in the developmental context, are typically not considered.

  • Winners are selected on the basis of problem definition, creativity and appropriateness of approach, MS/OR content, stress on developmental issues, impact of the study, paper organization and structure and quality of written and (if selected as finalist) oral presentation.

The Franz Edelman Award

The Franz Edelman Award competition is organised by INFORMS and recognizes outstanding examples of innovative operations research that improves organisations - and often change people's lives. This annual competition brings together top examples of innovation from large and small, profit and non-profit, corporate and governmental, American and international organisations. The common theme characterising all the final competing teams is use of the most sophisticated analytical tools employed in operations research to make a major impact on an organization and the people that it serves. The competition carries US $15000 in awards; the first prize is accompanied by a US $10000 honorarium. 

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