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Typical application areas of OR

Methodologies from Operations Research are often applied in the following general application areas:

  • Agriculture & Forestry

  • Airline Crew Scheduling

  • Bioinformatics

  • Cutting & Packing Problems in the Production Industry

  • Education

  • Emergency Evacuation and Response

  • The Energy Sector

  • Finance, Investment Analysis, Insurance and Revenue Management

  • Wildlife Management

  • Health Care

  • Inventory Management

  • Layout and Structure of Manufacturing Plants

  • Location of Facilities and Plants

  • Production Scheduling and Control

  • Public Transport

  • Equipment Selection and Replacement

  • Maintenance and Availability

  • Maritime Transportation and Logistics

  • Materials Handling & Supply Chain Management

  • Military, defence and Security Applications

  • The Mining Industry

  • Quality Control and Inspection

  • Sustainability and the Environment

  • Telecommunications and Information Technology

  • Transportation of Materials

  • Vehicle Routing

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