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Pi Day and pizza celebrations

Recently, ORSSA members and their guests commemorated Pi Day by hosting pizza gatherings in both Stellenbosch and Sandton. This celebration served as a gathering point for the ORSSA family to indulge in tasty pizzas while honoring the mathematical constant π.

Marked on the 14th of March every year, Pi Day is dedicated to celebrating the π constant, representing the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. Accordingly, the volume of pizzas consumed could aptly be calculated using the formula π*r*r, symbolizing the connection to this mathematical figure.

This occasion provided an excellent opportunity for the ORSSA community to unite, share their enthusiasm for operations research, and acknowledge the significance of π. Participants savored an assortment of exquisite pizzas, mingling and forming connections within the community.

Given the South African way of writing dates, the Society might use this as a pretext for an additional pizza celebration on the 22nd of July (22/7). For upcoming events, keep an eye on the events page for further details!

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