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About the Society

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Welcome to the home page of the Operations Research Society of South Africa (ORSSA). ORSSA is a non-profit, scholarly organisation with the mission of furthering the interests of those engaged in, or interested in, Operations Research (OR) activities.

On this page general descriptions may be found (via the links above) of what OR actually is, what the main areas of study are within the discipline of OR, and where OR-related work typically finds applications. Descriptions of the objectives and activities of ORSSA are also accessible from this page. Information on the various regional chapters of ORSSA, its constitution, the publications sponsored by ORSSA, the annual conferences organised by ORSSA, awards made by the Society on an annual basis, and its liaison with other bodies and professional societies may also be found via the links above.

The purpose of this website is to create a platform for the facilitation and coordination of the activities and management of ORSSA. More specifically, the website serves the following functions (via the tabs in the navigation toolbar on the left):

  • To provide information on the nature of OR and the functions of ORSSA to its members and the wider public,
  • To serve as a central medium of advertisement for get-together's, conferences and functions organised by ORSSA and related bodies,
  • To house a repository of publication outputs of the Society (its biannual journal ORiON and its quarterly newsletter),
  • To serve as a forum where members may nominate individuals for the Society's annual awards or submit contributions to the Society's publications,
  • To establish a work bench from where the Executive Committee can undertake the day-to-day running of the Society, and
  • To maintain an archive which preserves the history of ORSSA and its activities.
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