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Celebrating Dave Evans and the ORSSA conference

Updated: Apr 5

by Jess Rees

On the 15th of September, 2021 the Johannesburg Chapter of ORSSA gathered in Parkmore to enjoy some drinks and snacks, enjoy lively discussions about the various presentations from the ORSSA conference which had been held over the preceding three days, and to celebrate the awarding of Honorary Life Membership to the current Treasurer of our Chapter and President of the Society, Mr Dave Evans.

Though our gathering wasn’t quite the same as a conference gala dinner, it was truly wonderful to get together in person to enjoy one another’s company face-to-face (with lots of fresh outdoor air blowing around us). I particularly loved surprising Dave with some cheesy cupcakes and candles, to mark the occasion!

Thank you to the Local Organising Committee of ORSSA 2021 for putting together such an impressive conference which provided the seeds for much conversation and debate. And a hearty congratulations to Dave for his very well-deserved Life Membership!

The 2021 Johannesburg Chapter Executive Committee. From left to right, David Clark (Vice Chair), Handre Williams (Additional Member), Jess Rees (Chair), Dave Evans (Treasurer), and Robert Bennetto (Secretary).

Cupcakes of congratulations for the Society's newest Honorary Life Member, Dave Evans.

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