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The KwaZulu-Natal Chapter of ORSSA

The KwaZulu-Natal Chapter of ORSSA promotes a wider knowledge of the techniques and practices of Operations Research in the Vaal Triangle region of South Africa, by organising a series of events annually, such as colloquia, one-day workshops, a student competition, an AGM, cocktail parties, dinners, etc.
The activities organised by the KwaZulu-Natal Chapter for this year as well as a copy of the chapter's constitution may be found by following the links above. These links also provide contact information on the chapter's Executive Committee as well as a facility through which suggestions or requests with respect to possible chapter events may be sent to the organiser of the chapter's events.

Activities of the KwaZulu-Natal Chapter

Regular activities

Upcoming events

Kwazulu-Natal Chapter: Programs

Executive Committee of the Kwazulu-Natal Chapter 


Aderemi Adewumi


University of KwaZulu-Natal
Email the Chapter Chairperson

Kwazulu-Natal Chapter: Meet the Team
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