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Regional Chapters of ORSSA

In the larger centers of the country, activities of the Society are arranged by regional chapters. Currently the Society consists of the following five regional chapters:

  • the Johannesburg Chapter,

  • the Pretoria Chapter,

  • the Vaal Triangle Chapter,

  • the Kwazulu-Natal Chapter, and

  • the Western Cape Chapter.


Each of these regional chapters has its own constitution, its own executive committee and organises its own activities throughout the year. Together the regional chapters form the heart of the Society; the only time that the Society interacts as a whole is during the annual conference. Each member of ORSSA is automatically also a member of a regional chapter.

Each regional chapter has its own page on this website (accessible via the links above) where activities organised by the chapter are advertised, where information on the chapter executive may be found, and from where suggestions or requests with respect to possible chapter activities may be made. If you are a member of ORSSA, but do not receive invitations to events organised by your regional chapter, please contact the Chapter Chairperson of your regional chapter.

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