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Subscription to ORiON

You may subscribe to ORiON by completing the form below:

Members of ORSSA need not subscribe to ORiON. They automatically receive paper copies of ORiON as part of their member benefits.

Order form

First Name(s)
Postal Code
Fax Number (Please include the area code)
Email address
Subscription Fee (per Issue)
Method of payment
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Message to Journal Manager
Security code:

Payment Instructions: Cheques by Post

Cheques should be made payable to 'ORSSA' and may be posted to:

The Journal Manager: ORiON
Mrs SES Campher
PO Box 3184
South Africa

Payment Instructions: Electronic Deposits

Subscription fees may also be transferred electronically into the bank account of ORSSA; details below:

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch Code: 052838
Account Name: ORSSA
Account Number: 330386344
Type of account: Current account
Swift code: SBZAZAJJ
(Please remember to include your name and invoice number in the reference field)

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